Ian Fraser





John (Ian) Alexander Fraser

M.E. Companion John Alexander Fraser joined Royal Arch Freemasonry in 1967 in The Hebrides Royal Arch Chapter No. 364. He is a Past Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ross and Cromarty. He was appointed Second Grand Principal on 20th March 1998, Depute First Grand Principal on 15th March 2002 and First Grand Principal on 21st March 2009. During his tenure as a senior member of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland, he took great pleasure and enjoyment in visiting Chapters both in Scotland, and those Chapters overseas who are members of the Scottish Constitution. He has visited over 30 overseas countries making friendships wherever he went. This frequently resulted in reciprocal visits by Companions to Scotland. He led Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland during the Bicentenary Anniversary Celebrations. He was particularly delighted that the highlight of these celebrations was a donation of £200,000 to the Iris Murdoch Centre, from the Companions of the Scottish Constitution Royal Arch Chapters.