Ian Fraser




John Alexander Fraser (Ian)

The publication of our new website coincides with Ian demitting office as First Grand Principal and we feel the need to publish a fitting tribute to our retiring leader. Ian has led Scottish Royal Arch Masonry for the last nine years with such enthusiasm and humility and has without doubt increased its profile throughout the world, both masonically and in the wider world. He has visited the four corners of the globe on our behalf while at the same time never neglecting his own backyard. Anyone who has met him must have been infected with his love of Freemasonry in general, Royal Arch Masonry in particular and his unquenchable desire to strengthen the bonds between all branches of the Craft as well as the outside world.

His physical mobility has been more restricted lately but nothing seems to lessen his drive, enthusiasm and his love of his fellow man. We hope his health improves in the near future and we will have the privilege of being in his company on many future occasions.